Sunday, August 16, 2009

French Manicure with a Twist

so i was digging thru some old photos on my pc and i can't believe all that stuff i have. It's so unorganized, but blahh..Anywas, i discovered these nail art that i've done in the past. Woah, it must be more then 3 years old. This was when i was really addicted to nails, and when my obsession has just started. I"m starting to get back into them. AFter all the youtubing that i've done, i'm just like wow, you can do some crazy stuff with nails. I can't wait until my brushes come in the mail!!

so here we, i must have had alot of patients back then, because these look pretty neat. ( as in tidy)

i almost forgot that these were done by me. haahah..i'm quite surprised actually...


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