Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mini Haul

Yesterday was a busy day. Boyfriend and i went to 4 winner locations in london. Were crazy, i know. I wanted to go there for China Glaze. I figured that the last time i was there, there wasn't that many China Glaze left, so they would probably restock. But, they were totally gone. :( I thought the other Winners would have them, but they didn't. The only place that i've seen them was at Masionville area.

During the hunting, i have discovered that i am in love with the beauty section at Winners. DISCOUNTED cosmetics. I never knew that Winners carried Urban Decay. I found the nice and naughty pallette, as well as their lipglosses. You have to make sure you open the packages to check to see if it's cracked or swatched. Nobody wants make up that has been touched by a bunch of random fingers. All about sainitary. :)

I also found a leave in conditioner! i've been looking FOREVER for a leave in conditioner, because my hair is damaged and dry. I always use conditioner when i shower, but as my hair dries, it still feels dry and frizzy! i HATE HATE HATE that feeling. So i just HAVE to get my hands on some leave in conditioner. I've never heard of this brand, but Winners has a bunch of them. THey smell AWESEOME! i love the smell, and i'm BIG on scented things. It feels very light and jelly. It's not those thick sticky cream. It's called GoldWell - Colour Definition- Brilliance Fluid. INTENSE, Leave in Conditioner for normal to thick hair.

So here is what i picked up from Winners

Rexall also has a sale on Mascara. 50% all brand mascara! i HAD to go get some, since my old one was running out. I love the one i have now, but i must try other brands. The one i have now isn't good for under the eye lashes . I tried the NYX one, called BABYDOLL, and just like CIndy says. it's great for the lashes at the bottom, because the bristles serparate every single lash! I love it!. The other ones i haven't tried yet, because i'm just gonna save it and use it when i slowly finish the other ones. You dont want to open them all, because they'll get get contaminated and then dry up. :)

Mac has also released a new collection. I was actually really excited about this collection because the eyeshadow colours are really vibrant, but when i swatched them, they were chalky! especially the deep violet colour (which i just LOVED)Violet Trance. The only one i thought was WORTH getting was the orange colour - OFF the PAGE. It's orange, and the only other orange colour i know from Mac is ORANGE. I perfer Off the page more, because it's not as orange and it's very pigmented and soft. The other colour that i thought was nice, is Haunting, but the only problem was, i thought it was a little bland. Maybe if the colour had a bit more of a kick.

I didn't get any of the quads, because i though the colours weren't anything special. My loving bf, also surprised me with pigments. He just HAD to lie to me and tell me that cocomotion is sold out, but then he managed to get the LAST ONE. what a jerkkk! i love surprises tho :D. Thanks bff!! <3


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