Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wedding Update

i've recently gone to a wedding, on July 22th, i believe. It was my cousin's wedding and he lives in Brampton. The first half of the morning took place in brampton where the couple have just moved into a new beautiful home. THis is when all the traditional events happen. Such as the tea serving, inscenting, and ring/jewlery exchanging. THe next half of the day took place at the park, for wedding photos. During the whole time, there was a videographer, and a photographer. We all left the park shortly before the ran came down which was around 3. So we all had time to go home and rest for 3 hours before we leave for the dinner which begins at 7 pm in Scarborough.

The wedding was held at a Seafood Chinese Resturant in Scarborough. There was PLENTY of food. I didn't even try every plate, because i was just so bloated. The evening was nice. They had karaoke for the guest to request and sing. There was also a dance floor for the dance while peopel were waiting for the food to be served. The MC sucked, but my cousins' did a good job trying to encourage people to dance, and before you know it, even my aunt was on the dance floor. and almost half the people were dancing. They also had games, like musical chairs. And the traiditional flower throwing by the bride. I was actually part of it. All the single ladies were invited personally by the bride herself to catch the boutique. Kevin actually got it on video, but i won't upload it, cos it'd take a while. The bride had to throw it twice, because the first time a guy sitting at his table caught it, hahaha. he was actually very happy, a little too happy. hahaha.

Anywas. it was a nice day, TIRED, HOT, and just........tired and tired. I didn't get any sleep that night. we left at 1 in the morning, and got there at 3 in the morning. We got to the grooms and brides house and slept on the floor in a room that had nothing in it. The carpet wasn't even in yet because the house wasn't fully furnished. So it was just some insulin and some kind of material over the floor. Good thing i was prepared and brought a blanket and pillow. My cousin and Aunt, and my family slept in one room. It was after some of us went to the car to sleep instead, because the floor was too hard and no one could sleep. well atleast Kevin, my mom and I did not sleep. Kevin was moving around too much for me to sleep. So i was up all NIGHT. THen in the morning, when everyone got ready, it was not cool to pack on make up when u didn't sleep all night. My face gets dry spots sometime, and urghhh, it was just horrible. It was a good thing that my face got a little oily later on the day, so the dry spot wasn't visible anymore and the make out came out okay.

It was a good thing that i have charged my batteries. So i have a LOT of pictures. Enjoy. It took some time for me to edit and upload them :)

This was in the morning at like 8 or so. We left the bride and groom's house, because it's left for the bride's side of the family, and left to my cousin's house to get ready. The boys had to carry the plates of "gifts" to the brides's place.

These are pictures at the bride's the groom's house, as well as my corsage

While the traditional stuff was taking place, we decided to do some whoring..

This is in the backyard

This is at the park

This is prep for and at the dinner


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