Monday, August 17, 2009

Movies: The Time Traveler's Wife

I watched this movie on Saturday night, but i haven't had time to blog about it, hopefully i can still remember what i wanted to say.

First off, it was a total disappointment. From the trailer, i was expecting a very american style korean drama, with a lovey-sappy, tear jerking, heads over the heels kind of sparkling love on screen, this did not even come close to this.

I absolutely love the leading actress, Rachel McAdams, from one of her break thru movies - MEAN GIRLS. Her role in this movie is totally different from that. While watching the movie, i was really impressed in seeing her role as Claire, just because it was very different from her role in Mean Girls. I love her lips, and she looks so classy with red lipstick! and she lives in St. Thomas? wow... but anywas, overall, i thought she did a wonderful job, especially in the touching scene at the end, but this movie just did not justify her abilities.

I don't have much to say about male Actor, because i've never seen him before, but the couple did share alot of chemistry onscreen. I was just realy disappointed in this movie, because first of all, it was confusing. The whole time travelling idea would have been confusing to protray onscreen. You might be confused for a good 5-10 minutes, before u got the idea, of him travelling from one time to another, and the funny part is he travels naked - clothes can't travel with you now can it? haha SO sometimes you'd see him looking younge, and other times, a few grey hair here and there, but no big difference if you asked me.

I thought the movie was a bit rushed. I mean the plot wasn't bad in my opinion, but you only have 2 hours ish for a movie, and that wasn't enough time in my opinion, just because i left like things happened to fast for the viewers to get a grasp of it. The plot does go over the course of a few years, so i guess they were trying to get thru it quickly, so they can focus on the later of their relationship. like the feeling hasn't sunken in, if there was any. From meeting like once or twice, and then getting married? like what? i still don't understand how Eric Bana ( Henry) even fell in love with Clare ( Rachel McAdam). Clare explains that she loved him since 6? i was like..are u sure it's not a crush? and....why??! How did Henry even fall in love with Clare? it made no sense to me. and THIS is what killed it. I mean as a viewer, if i can't see the LOVE on screen, how am i suppose to feel that this is a truly romantic and sappy movie? But thinking of it, how do you even build a relationship with someone that constantly travels? The also heavily stressed this point in the movie btw. Everything was pretty much ffwd. I just thought they should have focused more on developing the relationship between Clare and Henry before they even got married. thus explains why i said,it's was rushed.

Aside from that, you do see cute scenes of them together acting as couples, but i felt the only time i really felt the magic was the ending, which you will find out for yourself. Don't worry, you can't miss it. This is also the time when i was actaully "into the movie" also. I guess you can say it's the climax. too bad it didn't last very long, because it was near the end of the movie.

So do i recommend it? no, not realy. You could rent it when it comes out on DVD and save your $ from the theatre, because i was honestly bored throughout 2/3 of the movie, and this usually doesn't happen when i watch a movie. I guess i may be a bit more of a critic when it comes to a romance movie?? They did throw in some jokes here and there, but that just didn't cut it for me. All i can rememeber is "It's not like i cheated on you" -'ll get it when you watch the movie.

You would probably be better off reading the book, where you can use ur imagination. I mean the book for the most part beats the movie, because it's up to your own imagination, and things could be explained and described in a way that a movie could never do, or...could not fully do. I can't do a comparision since i've never read the book, but i wouldn't recommend this movie if your looking for tear jerker, or a heart quenching movie that keeps you on ur toes, and you're just DYING to know what's gonna happen. Aint happening with this movie.- you can say i was bored with the beginning of the movie, i guess it needed a bit more punch, or spice. And on a last note, i'm actaully a big fan of romance and this didn't cut it :/...sadly.

i give this 2/5 stars


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