Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So now, Yesterday, i was at Winners, and omg- china glaze? for 5.99 = you know u ave to get something when.......hahahah. They didn' have much left, i guess because it's popular sell so all the good colours are gone, such as the purple, blues, greens and such. There was only a white, pinks, red, and one dark dark dark purple. So i picked up a Hot Pink - Limbo Bimbo

and this one JetStream- which is a clear wash, with purple/pink reflects. it's a VERY pretty colour as a top coat, because it's sparkly and the reflects of the colour is just gorgeous.

So this is what i did, i applied Limbo Bimbo at the bottom, because it's an opague colour and then a pplied Jet Stream on top, and it just gave the HOt pink such a POP, not that it wasn't already, but it gets it depth and more vibrancy.? hahah

i just can't wait to use these later one :) The quality is pretty good. You can definately tell the difference between these and regular nail polish you get from WalMart. hahah. The colour itself is really pretty. I just hope i can get my hands on other colours. I think i need to keep my eyes out on Winners more often now. You don't need more then two layers to adequetly paint your nails, and it dries fast, but then again depends on how thick u apply it. The sparkles are not chunky, and when you touch the surface of ur nail, it's smooth. Overall, i loves it.

So now onto the other stuff. yesterday was a busy today, i went around picking up stuff to get ready for the Wedding. I tried on probably more then 20 dresses, but i feel so tuupid now, cos id idn't bring my camera to take a picture of them. ARg....I need to find a 2nd dress for the Dinner, because apparenyl it would be werid to be wearing the same dress all day. I'm not complainning tho :)

So i was at LeChateau, and found these cute earings..discounted! cos it's outlets!
and a clutch, that i thought would've gone with my dress in the previous post, but it's a bit too red......sigh* but i still loves it

This is the quick eye look i put together. Pretty nuetral, i've been liking neutral looks lately. I've been loving browns. taupie and skintone colours..hehe

On my Eyes:

Bare STudy paint pot all over lid
Style Snob ( LOVES) all over lid
SatinTaupe crease
Mulch crease


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