Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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It's been a while since i've done an update. I don't really have much to say. Just been stressing about school, even though it hasn't started yet. I was worried about getting wisdom teeth extraction, but that is okay for now, i might no thave to have them removed. YipPPIE~ Hopefully by the 2nd of the next two weeks, everything would be okay again.

So what have i been up to? Well yesterday, i went to Vaunghan Mills, because i love that mall. I love the sales, and the selections. My goal was to look for a dress, and i did find one for a very good price.

And this is how it looks like.

I'm just concern that its not formal enough. Since most asian weddings, the girls like to wear silk and what not, so i'd probably be an outcast? But i just LOVE this dress. i like the patterns, and i love the colour. I think it looks different from the typical though. Besides, i think it gives the breat a nice lift. hahaha, I do need to get it slightly altered though, because it's a bit big. There was only two left and they were both large. But because it's suppose to be a flowly dress, it's not so bad. I'm super excited. I love weddings. I'mt hinking this dress with Gold and Wood jewlerry would be a nice combination. Now only accesories, and a clutch :)

so on my search for some clutch, Wooden, Dark Brown, Purple or Teal, i bumped into this. Well konger did, i really liked it when i looked at it from far away, but when i got closer, i realized it's fabric, i was a bit iffy, but i realy like the handle. hahaha. it'd be a nice casual clutch though. i'd take this to the beach. it can get dirty but it won't matter, cos it's the LOOK! hahaha

So i was realy exicted about going to DCW or something liekt hat. The cosmetic outlet there. i might've gotten the name totally off but whatever. i was disappointed tho, no mac, no smashbox, not anything i really wanted. Alot of NYX, which i wasn't real yinto at the moment, though i kindda regret not picking something up. THey had alot of nail polish, OPI and ESSI were the goods ones. i think it was like 3 for 20 or something lik ethat. i forgot.But i didn't pick any up, i didn't realy like the colours. they were too extreme and ther wasn't alot of selections. So i picked up these.

So far, ive tested it on my bf's finger, and it's awesomeness. i should've gotten more. i love the glitters. hahaha. the white wasn't ...thick enough. but if ur willing, then do two or more coats for ur styling.

So i've been playing alot of scrabbles. I think i love boardgames now. hahaha. My hunnie is too cute. He was trying very hard to find a word in the dictionary. Yes, thats the way we play yoo. it was ONE on ONE, and he was winning at first, but then ofcourse i won. hahahaha. i <3

Now, this is just some randomness

random day at the beach "TURKEY POINT" hehe. we left at 4, after going to Winners for clothes, and WALMART for some swimming equipments aka, beach ball, and Noodle Floater!

i seem to be a little too happy. hahaa. In tilsonburg with Kong's cousin <3
we camwhore too ...sometimes..

after youtubing with lisa, we decided to experiment. I think this is so adorable, too bad i can't do it on myself. It stil needs some perfecting to do.


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