Monday, March 1, 2010

Highly intoxicated

i have never been so dependant on coffee in my life, but for the past 4 days, i have been living off coffee, and sleeping less then 5 hours a night.

what i discovered was to stay away from medium sized cup cffee. Apparently my body just can't handle it. I always had a small just to keep myself awake in times of need, but the other day i decided to man in up wwith a medium. Later on the day, i felt so alert, and strangly very nervous and just...wierd. It was like my heart was beating at 913898123 times a second. that'd teach me. LOL

i really dont understand why some people drink it everyday. I really don't like the taste, it's never something i'm craving to drink. I much more perfer a nice fruit shake. Advocado, strawberry or coconut is always at the top of my list especially if BF makes it, bcos it's sooooooooooooooooooo good. hahah

If youve been to a vietnamese resturant you would know what i'm talking about ;)

Anyone live off coffee?

at this rate, i might get addicted. I'm already starting to fall in love with ice coffee.

despite all that i have said about coffee, Coffee Bubble Tea is LOVE HIGHLY RECCOMENDED by moi :D


besides drinking coffee, i really can't find an alternative to keep myself awake. How do you guys do it??!

P.S. sorry for my lack of replies, i will surely answer them once i get my 8 hours of sleep :D


Ela said...

I'm not even trying it! I love to sleep xD
And I don't really like coffee either! I prefer chai *hmm* or a good old frappuccino!! yumie

WLOVEXO said...

I personally am not a fan of coffee. I can do tea with milk and sugar? Not coffee.. and I love bubble teaaa! But.. I don't really like tapioca? Hahaha. I guess I'm pretty odd ;x


Anonymous said...

Oh hello bubble tea!!~
Ah I love avocado smoothies, their freaking tasty! I got loads of avo in my fridge & when I get thirty off to the mixer I go. YUMYUM<3

RHiiAN said...

i'm not a coffee addict but i do love drinking iced coffee haha :)

Rachel said...

I'm not a fan off coffee either! I do like Mochas occasionally though, they just taste like hot chocolate with a hint of coffee, especially iced mochas! YUM!

I don't drink them that often though. My usual go-tos for energy are bananas or things like nuts or beans and seasame sticks! (this way your at least being a bit healthier too!) I'm a vegetarian and I have a terrible sleeping pattern so I always have to stock up on the energy foods to keep myself going!

Also keeping yourself hydrated with water is not only good for your skin but helps keep your body working so it can help too, but not on it's own obviously! Fizzy drinks are just a gimic and only give you a temporary high (I've learned the hard way! =P )

If I'm really desperate there are energy tablets but most of them taste really yucky! XP

I'd love to try bubble tea but I can't find them near where I live >.<

Hope this helps =) Great post!

Jessica Mai : said...

So yuuuum!
I always get one when I go to my fav Viet restaurant.

Im not much of a coffee drinker..I prefer tea :)

Jess Mai

Lily said...

i tried avocado shake first time in my life a few wks ago.. it's um interesting lol!

Swtess said...

Blah all those things do not have an effect on me. I get sleepy either way. Instead of coffee flavour you should try HK Style with tapioca. My current flavour atm lol

Serena said...

I know exactly what you mean. I always feel strung out when I drink too much coffee too fast. It gives me gitters and my heart starts racing like crazy. If I drink starbucks slowly, I'm usually okay but other brands coffee not so much. I would totally pick a nice fruit shake over coffee.

I don't know of any other ideas on what to drink to stay up. I drink energy drinks sometimes but I noticed I only have energy for 3-4 hrs before I crash. =/

DiWiMakeup said...

For an entire year, I had at least one cup of coffee a day. It was so bad, when I suddenly stopped drinking it, I started getting headaches! But I'm so good now, I've cut back to one cup a week or sometimes none. I started drinking naked juice instead, but yea, bubble tea is the best- especially green tea smoothies :)

xo, Diana

bowsnhearts said...

I am not a coffee drinker!! I only drink it when I used to have exams! I would stay up for 2 nights and go to the toilet every hour or so. It was a horrible was mind was so tired but my body wanted to move so badly.


I love bubble tea!

Sophie Rebecca said...

ah i'm a coffee addict, i first started drinking it because i was revising and needed to stay awake like you but not its grew on me and i cant get enough of it :)

Nott said...

Bubble Tea!!! I love it!! It's so hard to find it in my city!! Fortunatly, a taiwanese restaurant just opened, but well, the same is not the same compared to the true taiwanese one... ;(

Michelle said...

I love love LOVE coffee! I drink daily anywhere from 2-3 cups of it. It might have a bit to do with the fact that I'm French and Puerto Rican, and in both cultures it's normal to have a morning cup (or 3 haha). I love the taste of it and even love coffee flavored ice cream or candies. Though I also love smoothies, bubble tea, and hot tea as well. :)

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