Saturday, March 13, 2010

....Studying + Eating = /

hi all!

So this is just a short quick update on my random life..

i'm just finished an exam this morning, at 10.00, and i slept 4.5 hours last night.It's not 7.36 pm, and i'm cray tired. My eyes are so tempted to closing, but i can not sleep, because my family is having a party at he moment.

So what have i been up to these days?

i realized that i have gained probably 10 pounds ever since i started dating my bf. Notice how i blame it on him! hahaha, but i truly believe that he is the true curplit! My goal for this year is to lose that weight, so i started to go back to the gym. On monday, i went to the school gym we have. It's very nice and big, i shouldve taken a picture. When i went on the cardio machine, i realized how unfit i was, because within 5 minutes, i felt tired, dizzy, and just thought i was gonna barf and past out! LOL. it's so sad, i was so disappointed in my self, but perhapes i was taking it too extreme for the first time back on the machine after almos a year of not working out! Let's just say it's a combinaion of the both. hehe.

So yes, i realized that dieting is insanely difficult.


my biggest obsticle to my bf. He always spoil me with food, and ask if i want to eat anything. I told him countless times that i was on a diet, but he would always ask me "hunni, you want food? fries? bbt? icecream??!" haha....NOW you might understand why things have turned out the way it did. WE always go out to eat, just because london is so boring, and everything seems to involve FOOD!

2nd -

food is so irresistible, i love food. it's so yummmy and FRIES are so hard to resist. WHAT food, you ABSOLUTELY can't resist??!!

3rd -

school does not work with my diet! i wake up early, but don't have time to eat breakfast. i stay up late, so sometimes i need to eat something late, bcos i won' sleep until 1-2. IT BUGS ME when i'm working intesnsly with an empty stomach. My eating habit is no where near stable. It's at he most random time during the day and it always changes. sometimes i'm starving to death, and other imes i'm bloated to death. AHAHA

4th -

i feel like i never have time to work out. i wake up,i go to to school, i study, do hmwk and i sleep. weekends, i just want to relax if i can, but other times i prob have to study bcos i usually have exams on saturday.

That is all i can think of right now but those are the main things.

So my goal now is to:

1. go to the gym more, and make use of my tuition! (it was included)
2. no more pops, or junk food
3. not eating afer 6.ish
4. eat out less! byebye pasta, byebye wings, byebye icecream, you will always have a place in my heart. hehe

SUMMER IS APPROACHING! it's time for workout resolutions!! anyone else in on this?

What do you guys usually do at the gym??

my favourite machine is the :

i'm personally, not a runner. i rather do any cardio other running. I don' know. anyone else feel this way? NONEtheless, running is a great workout, i just feel like it'd make my legs big. hee

i love doing weights as well. i use the dumb bells and those flat cushioned stands to do stetches and "work outs" to help out things like love handles! they are quite helpful and they DO WORK! believe me. SIMPLE things WORK!

the only sad part is, i 've gained i back!...:(

If you want something done, you just gotta do it. Be motivated, and if your not, get motivated. What inspires you??

I know she does:

Lee Hyori:

so i'm aware she may not have the hottest bod out there, but i think she's sexy in every way. If i were a guy, i think i'd be drooling right now. hhaha

Anywass, that will be it for my "quick" update.

I wish you guys all luck in whatever you hope to accomplish. let it be work, school, life goals... etc. jus believe in yourself, and the sky's the limit :) ENDLESS world of possibility

<3 Anh


Life of Temptation said...

I truly understand how you feel ong =D
best workout for me right now is prob sex..LMAOOOOO
* roll eyes..
I need to talk toyou soon thoughh=[

Jenny said...

ahhh take care of yourself!! its funny how you blame your boyfriend for gaining weight because my boyfriend gained weight because of me! i call it "happy fat" :D It's mostly because we like ordering a lot of food and he always has to eat half of my proportion LOL i recently bought an elliptical and now i have no excuse for not working out! make sure to go at a good pace and breath in and out or you might get that dizzy feeling you were talking about :P good luck with your goals!

yumiko said...

yes..when you eat out a lot, it adds those wings/ice cream in your storage pouches. I've experienced the same way. and I'm gonna work out and diet from now on when school starts! Start slow, then build up. I felt the same way where i want to puke when i pushed myself to the the extreme. Take care! will join you too!

DiWiMakeup said...

Haha, my boyfriend thinks I don't eat enough!

Btw, I tagged you for awards! <3 Diana

Serena said...

I know that feeling, gaining weight after dating a guy. {*UGH!} Always eating out and eating at odd hours. It's horrible! I don't think you need to stop eating at 6ish. You should just cut out junk food and just try to eat healthy snacks. Besides you need food for brain power so you'll have energy to study and what not. Good luck though with school and everything. =]

I agree with you, Lee Hyori is really pretty and is sexy.

WLOVEXO said...

Food = love, hahaha. I try my hardest to go to the gym often, but lately that has been a failure. The eliptical is one of my favorite machines too! :) And Lee Hyori will be hot forever.. even when she's old and wrinkley.. the woman is just perfect, lol.


Princesa Livia said...

I never go to the gym, but I do dance as my exercise. Its a lot more fun than running or doing weights in my opinion, maybe you can try that too? :) And Lee Hyori is gorgeous! I'm a girl and I'm drooling lol. haha! x

dblchin said...

omg! Lee is soooo hot!!! I wish i hav amazing hot bod like her too!

bowsnhearts said...

I have gained about 9kg ever since dating my current bf as well! I have simply given up on exercising and dieting due to my hectic work life.

But I really like Lee Hyori's body as well.

Anonymous said...


I'm relating to this post. I've gained +10 pounds since i've met my b.f. too and it's only been 4.5 months!!!!

It all goes to my butt but I love how i'm on a rant while I'm eating a cupcake.

and Bbgirl, if you want to lose weight-- i'd recommend the treadmill.

i'm so glad we're both trying to exercise since we both live at the lib!

:D :D :D :D

Kym said...

i know how you feel girl! ever since i started dating my bf too, i've gained weight cus we eat out all the time. we both love food too much! haha! i've recently tried working out again, doing it in the morning before work but it's really hard especially since its COLD! haha! can't wait to read more from your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

hi~ i stumbled across your blog :)

your post is interesting because after my bf dated me, HE was the one who did all the weight gaining lol. At least you are making the effort to work out, i'm really lazy and can barely do a sit up -_- but it will be easier eventually...

and i agree, hyori is so gorgeous, and her body is sexy! its probably hard work maintaining that flat tummy

Anonymous said...

OH my goodness agh I feel the same way - How am I supposed to balance a healthy lifestyle and studying all the time!?!!! Lol looks like a lot of people gain weight from eating with their boyfriends :) Hyori is definitely an inspiration. To me though, lately, she's been looking a little too skinny :(

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