Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pink and Purple NOTD

hi everyone!

today, i decided to do my nails. My nail was starting to chip and what not, so i thought i paint it before it looks more disgusting. haha..

i was in the mood to use purple today, but i didnt have that many other colours, so i just used pink. Pink and purple always look great together!

Here is the final look:

Here is what i used:

And here are some more pictures!


*Peonies and lilies* said...

Wow that look incredible, you should post a tutorial on how you do your nail designs x

Serena said...

Your names look amazing! I would not be able to make my right hand look. I have unsteady hands but your nails look great. I love all the glitter.

Klaudea said...

Holy Crap these are gorgeous!

Are they your real nails? How on earth are you so good??? Damn these look amazing! 0_0

WLOVEXO said...

You did that yourself? :o It's so nice! I'm going to get my nails done this coming Sunday probably? for my birthday ;] I don't know what I want done yet. I wish I had naturally long/pretty nails, but unfortunately I don't ;[ If you ever back track on my blog.. I grew out my nails ONCE and that was the one and only time they grew that long without chipping.

I hope you do more nail designs :3 Thanks for always dropping by <3


vanillabeanlatte said...

you are so talented!! i go to toronto pretty often but not so much downtown because of the crazy driving there :P

Rachel said...

They look amazing! I love how each nail has a slightly different but complimentary design <3 You should defo do a tutorial!

xbbkay said...

^ thanks everyone

they are my real nails, i have never tried using fake nails before, bcos i think it looks gross when they start growing out. LOL

and yep, i did it myself. PATIENTS is VIRTUE, that is all i have to say..

i don't know if i'd ever be good enough to do a tutorial, but perhapes when i have more experience, i will hink abou it :D

Thanks you all for droppping by ;) said...

Wow! Your nails look amazing .. how did you manage to do that all by yourself? If I tried that the nail polish would be all over me rather than my nails!
Looks heaps pretty love !


Irene said...

Awesome job - it looks professional!!!!! Also, super pretty pinks & purples!

fasha comeback again said...


DiWiMakeup said...

Your nails are fantabulous! LOL, seriously though, that takes major skill. Props to you!

xo, Diana

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