Friday, March 26, 2010

FOTD Bronz-ie Eyes

Hello everyone!

it's been a while since i've uploaded any FOTD. I've been having skin issue, mainly bcos i was stressed out. So my skin re-enacted WWI and broke out like crazy, so it really stopped me from using much make up. ATM it's just recovering, so i'll probably have a few up soon. I can't wait to play with the stuff i've gotten recently!

This was a look i did one night, i went out with boyfriend. I forgot what we did that night, but i decided to play with my eyeshadows, since i haven't been using them

I've been really loving browns, and neutral shades, so this is the results:

I thought my blends were pretty good, but i don't know what went happening. My camera sucks. but i give it credit for still functioning after all the abusing i do :)

WHat i used:


Patina - base
Embark - crease
Sketch - deepen the crease
Naked Lunch - highlight
Stack 2! - middle lid and inner corner
from the Spring Forecast collection, the peachy/coral base shade
(check out my review on this HERE)
OOOPS i LIED, after looking at the photo again, im pretty sure i used COCOMOTION PIGMENT instead i apologise, the stack 2! ive used in a diff look >.<
Maybelline Stiletto Liquid Liner
Define a Lash mascara (pink)


Hmm, since this is a while ago, i can't really recall what i used on my lips, but any nude and soft pink colour would look wonderful

Here is the complete look:

LOL my deformed peace sign. Sorry, i had an asian moment. hehe

I think i'll build a neutral palette now. I'm really in love with browns, and corals. AHH..Is there ones that you guys would reccommend?


Cyd said...

omgggggg this is so pretty....which one is the super gold color that you're using on your lids?

and thank you so much for your comment...
yea my break up is really stressing me out been a month already but i just can't stop thinking about it...urggggg and i do...i need a fresh start...

-AnGiEpInK- said...

nice and simple..I'm gonna try this look.. :)..keep on posting hun..

Irene said...

WOWOWOWOWOW!!! You did an AMAZING job! :) I'm so impressed, super props you look hot!!!

Jess said...

This is a really pretty look! I love the bronze-gold-ish brown shades a lot. Hmm, you just made me wanna dig out my MAC eyeshadow pan and play with the shadows, hehe... ;)

Blair said...

OMG, I love this look! So pretty :)

Sweetie, I'm in Asia, I have easy access to Asian makeup/skincare haha XD Etude House has branches in Malaysia, so I get to buy them easily. They have a US based online shop:

Kym said...

hey anh! i love that look on you, that color is very natural and looks great for your skintone :)

thanks for your comment on my shirt... yes, i was quite surprised when he bought it... there were several other older people who bought it but it was a gift for their kids. haha! ;P

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous look! :) Just replying to your comment on my blog.. I'm pretty sure you can get lush in Canada. I just did a google search and went on the Lush website and I found store locators in Canada. So just have a look at this website: and if they aren't close to you, you can order online :) hopefully that answered your question :) xxxx

Princesa Livia said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous look! You inspire me to do something similar :) xx

Harjot said...

I always use this color tooo..perfect cuz its light and not to much

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