Sunday, May 30, 2010

Super Kawaii Nail Art

Hii everyoneeeeeeeeeeee!!

i'm super excited to show you what i've done with my nails. It's been MONTHS and MONTHS since i've done my nails. It just takes too much time and effort, PLUS i run out of ideas. The other day, i was a little bored, so i decided to play with my icing nail polish while i was watching a movie at home. Since i started on it so late, i didn't finish it. So i basically walked around with my left hand finish, and my right hand all bare! LOL that seems to be my signature now, because i've been doing it a lot! So basically, i didn't finish my right hand until last night?? This is what i've came up with:

argg..i really dislike blogger upload, the quality of the picture decrease so much!

Here is a picture of better quality: reminds me a bit of easter??! haha

These are the two thumbs. (left, right) Each nail had a different yet similar and uniform design

this is my right hand. it was hard to draw on this one, because i'm right handed, but i actually like the designs on this one much more. With the exception of the yellow one, which i'm a tad lazy to re-do ;) i'm not sure if you can recognize it, but it's actually a butterfly at the top of my yellow coloured fingernail. :D

this is my left hand. I worked on this hand first. My personal favourite is the first finger with the "daisy" flowers.

& here is a photo of my set of nails. I feel pretty proud. I spent a lot more time on these, then usual. I've been wearing solid colours lately, so it's nice to see a little something going on my fingernails!

In case you guys were wondering..these are the polishes i've used. Completely inexpensive, and it does the work!

Surprisingly, i don't have a nude nail polish. i found this at home somewhere and just decided to try it out! The icing nail polishes i've gotten recently. The thickness of the nail polish is AWESOME for nail art. I love it. Especially the yellow. I completely fell in love while using it. A thin consistency does not achieve the same look, because the colour tends to "bleed" so you won't get the bold look when you're doing something like "dotting" designs. If you are interested, i've swatched the icing nail polish in this post. Click Here

Also, i actually forgot the include the sparkling nail polish i used for the glittery strokes. I've used it quite a bit of time, if you check my nail link, you will see it. It's called NAIL DECO

Also, i thought i'd share what i use for the designs. Sorry, i didn't clean it yet. The one on the left, i used to make the flower designs and the small dotting. The large one is for the large dots. The one on the left i actually purchased as a set on ebay, for approx $5.00 CAD. It was a set of 12ish Nail brush, very inexpensive. However, i dont really use any of them, except this one. The one on the right, was actually given to me by a good friend of my parents. She knows i love to do my nails, and she owned a nail salon herself, so she gave me this to try out.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I just came back from Toronto. I went with my parents, because they wanted to get some grocery in Chinatown (fyi. it's cheaper there). I also happen to find something there, which i'm dying to try out now, so i'll make sure to update on that! I have so much more to blog about, but i'm getting a little...lazyy??! haha. Lots of things have been happening, GOOD THINGS of course. I'll slowly update i guess!

Oh YES..thank you for all whom have joined the giveaway, and hello to all my new followers! My next update will be in roughly 5 days ish? i hope you guys will like it! Also, I'm looking forward to hearing from ya'll! Take care, and until next time ;)


Makeup Morsels said...

ohh dang you're so skilled! My favorites are the nails with the daisies on them. Have you ever tried using konad before?

e.motion in motion said...

Ohh super cute! I love it! I wish I was that talented :D I always mess up on my right hand lol :P

tomi // my tiger lily makeup said...

Nice color scheme! You are so patient to do all these designs! I will do a design or two once in awhile.. only if I'm feeling ambitious though. make that REALLY ambitious lol. Anyways, luff these nails!!

Pop Champagne said...

the nails are lovely, very princess like! And nice to meet another Canadian blogger :D

CoLine said...

oh wow! Your nails are lovely! It's all so pink and girlie ☺

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