Sunday, May 9, 2010

FOTD Hello Spring pt.2

Hii everyone!

i decided that i'm gonna do a series of spring/summerish looks, because i've been feeling colourful lately. I haven't played with my makeup ever since school ended, because i broke out like crazy, and my skin was healing. I still have a ton of blemishes and it's been making me soo sad, so i don't bother with any make up. URGH, i don't know if anyone else feels like this, but when my skin sucks, i feel a little emo. LOL

Edit: Click Here for the first "hello spring" FOTD

Anywas, today i decided to do my makeup, because it's mother's day! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY everyone :D PLUS the weather is so beautiful!!! i can see the sun setting now, and the light is hitting my bedroom window. It's so gorgeous. I miss this kind of weather. For the past few days it's been raining nonstop so the weather was very gloomy and gross. I hate ittt!! let me stop my blabbing and show you the EOTD

I don't know if you guys have noticed, but i'm changing the format of my FOTD. This is the way it's gonna look from now onn..I'm still going back to the old FOTD and fix it up

The Product list
Mac Rated R e/s (lid)
Mac Sunset B e/s (crease)
Fuchsia Pigment e/s (crease-on top of Venus)
Mac Harvest Straw e/s (wash above crease)

Mac Taupe Eyebrow Pencil
Rimmel Exaggerate Liner
Revlon Beyond Natural Lashes in 91149 Short Natural


Elizabeth Arden Intervene SPF 15 in Soft Cameo Foundation
Mac Select Cover Concealer in NC20
Physician Formula Organic Wear in Light Organics
Mac Smooth Verge Mineralizer
Faces #4 Blush

Shiseido Smoothing Lip Pencil in Perfect Rouge
Mac Victorian l/s
Mac Virgin Kiss l/g

There are swatches of the eyshadows on its own.

(top left)Rated R , (topright)Harvest Straw, (bottom right)Fuchsia Pigment, (bottom left)Sunset B

^swatches: -------------------------------------Fuchsia, Sunset B, Rated R, Harvest Straw

I got a chance to test out the new powder compact i got from

Physician Formula

Quick Review: I'm actually so surprised with this powder. My face feels moisturized, smooth, and it doesn't look cakey at all! The coverage is not amazing, but it's good for setting foundation. I'm really impressed by how it makes my skin feels. It's not that dry, powder feel that i normally get from other powders. I was thinking of returning this, but i think i'll keep it around as a face powder.

Revlon Lashes

Quick Review: These must be the MOST natural lashes i've ever used. The hair is super fine, and soft. It's almost like touching your real lashes. I love the cross lashes, but i'm disappointed that they are flatter then the average lashes i'm use to. Maybe it'd look better if you curl your lashes when you put these on, HOWEVER, i never liked to curl my lashes or apply mascara after i put on false lashes. For me, false lashes should already be curled, plus, i like to curl my own lashes before i put on falsies. I wish they were a little bit more noticeable. The hair is thinner then the ones i've tried before, so i guess that's why. If you like dramatic lashes, you might wanna skip these. They are very comfortable though. I love how light they feel on my eyes.

Overall, this look is very pink! very cute, and simple. I enjoyed doing this FOTD. You can use any pink and yellow eyeshadow you like.

I had some fun with the camera. These pictures were taken in my room. My curtains are pink, so the colouring is a little more reddish/pink then usual. I usually take pictures in the washroom where the lighting is very bright and white?


gotta love Victorian lipstick!

I hope you enjoyed, and thanks for reading ;)

take care <3 and once again, Happy Mothers DAY!

P.S.S - i reposted this, because my comment thing was messed up


Irene said...

OMG, your EOTDs are always SO GORGEOUS!!! Such skills! :)

And of course, YOU are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing & have a Happy Mother's Day :D

dblchin said...

ur fake lashes are very ver prettty!!it blends super well with ur look!

Victoria said...

I totally know what you mean about feeling emo over your skin but looking at your pictures, you look amazing! The eye colors are very spring-esque, I like. But yeah super cute pictures :)

bettie said...

oh, thats really beautiful and shimmery :)
i love your pink lips <3

Makeup Morsels said...

I like this look! reminds me of a watermelon. Those Revlon lashes do look really natural, I was going to ask what mascara you used because your lashes were so nicely defined yet it didn't look like false lashes. I gotta go check those out next time I go to the drugstore

Pixie Dust said...

Great blog <3
I would like to invite you to my giveaway - you can win great makeup and accessories :)) Please check it out:

Pop Champagne said...

aww you got great skin! I love the eyeshadow combo you did, it reminds me of a sunset!

Jess said...

Beautiful look! You pull off pink so well! Love the pink/green combo - so fresh and summery! <3

Nott said...

This is a nice look! I love Straw Harvest on your skin tone! It's colorful and soft, so... Summer! I discovered your blog thanks to Angie, so I also thank her. Have a nice day!!

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