Monday, November 9, 2009

Goodbye My Love MV

i was looking at blogs and i found this video, i like the song, and it's quite sad. That's what you usually expect from a korean MV/drama anywas. I hope you enjoy.

What's new with me? Nothing really. I was at school all day, and came home at 6. I had a business meeting (for a project) so that's why i came home later. I intend to study today, but that plan failed. Not because i didn't want to, stuff just happens ya know ;). Anywas, i feel so sleepy, i've been falling asleep in class, it's horrible. I don't even know why i go to class? haha..anywas,

Midterms this friday and next friday for me. BLAH. you know where i'd be living

On the side note - LTC ( London Transits) will be going on strike on NOV 16, but they do reach an agreement. BOOHOO me, because now i'm gonna have to stay AT SCHOOL everyDAY until i can get a rid home, which is not until 6-7 pm ish. I refuse to walk. Damn life, licensing on strike, buss on thing u know it, school is on strike. DON't let my prediction become true tho, i refuse to suffer like those york students.

On the bright side, i should be getting alot of work done. Poor the university students that depend on buss transport though. It's a shame that it had to come down to all of this. I'm crossing fingers for things to work out. A strike is the last thing you want to happen. Think of the STUDENTS, (WEstern and FANSHAWE) people who WORK, and Elders. Tsk tsk* In this economic time, everyone is suffering, let alone buss drivers. Who would have thought that the transits would have such a big impact. BLAH

Anywas, i will end my rant here,

Thanks for reading, and i hope you have a wonderful night

Some more videos, just to make this post a bit more worthwhile

Love this song :


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