Monday, November 23, 2009

On the Go Update

I am currently in the library and after getting a chance to check cindy's blogspot update for me, i decided i will do a response. THis post will just be a quick update because i have work to do and i'm just sneaking a quick post for my bff

TO Chan:
So school has been rough, whichi is why i wasn't able to keep in contact with you. I wanted to txt you, but you never gave my your number, and i didn't feel like txting ken, cos apparently chan is cooler than chau. hahahaha. kiddd. Anywas, i'm waiting for Dang to send me the number, else just msg me on msn. I dont wanna post up the number on here.

I just finished an exam for Stats on Friday , and i was literally gonna cry. I was total murder, except i was awake and i ALMOSt expected it. I'm so worried and stressed over school. THere is a never ending pile of work, and i almost feel like i'm going EMO. Okay NO. i take that back, i am not gonna go kill myself, i'm just so sad and depress these several weeks with all the stuff that's happening. I'm unhappy with some marks that i got back, maybe because i have expected too high, but yah. I just CAN"T WAITTTT till christmas. let's have a christmas party baby. I wanna see your face. I will come down during my christmas break. WHICH might be after christmas, because my last exam is on DEC.19. OMG Kong's bday. hahahah. And i don't go back to school until Janurary 7th i believe.

I'm finished all my exams for the meantime. I just have an esssay to write, which i dont even want to think about. It's philosophy know how i hate philosophy. I still can't believe that you like philosophy. i'm so depressed. I wish you were in london to just...turn me on. hahahahaha. i'm kidding. I'm being random now..

Anywas, i can't wait to go watch New Moon.and 2012. people have been tellig me it's good,but it's always sold out. and you know kong's schedule, is gay so i don't always get to watch when i want to.

Anywas, i just pretty much have a lot to rant about. School is rough. The london transit is on strike too btw. so i just get a rid every morning, and it's good, but it's so inconvient, cos i wanted to do a seasonal job, just for the experieence and now it seems like that won't be happening.

I hope work is good fo ryou. Well actually, i KNOW work is good foryou, because your cindy chan, and you make the best out of everything. I hope the people don't give you crap, like at Stream. Hopefully you're burning off some fat running around. hahahahah. FFREE WORKOUT YOO!. hahahaha. well you're actualy getting paid for it too, so pretty good.I know you are still eating alot, because your blog is all about food. There is never a post where you mentioned food.

I really want hot pot now. hahaha. Jane, if you are reading this...hahaha. We need to get together for some hot pot. i really miss it, and SUSHII..YUMM...Now that it think of it....we are all about food. hahahaha. But definately, we should meet together for christmas.

That is all the update that i am doing right now, i'll be back later, to add some pictures.

Much Love and Kisses...


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