Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy 23 Months

Nov 4th 2009

Happy 23 months babyy.

I've been bad, i've been forgetting about my anniversary. The only thing that i can remember is the 2 year mark and school, and christmas, sleep, food, and midterms. hahaha. I'm so badd, and i feel horrible.

So that night, my bf called me, and i was in the kitchen doing stuff for my mom. He asked me if i wanted anything, he'll pick it up since he's on his way over. I told him i wanted drumsticks. I know random, but ever since my mom bought it that one time, i've been addicted to it. There is no more left downstiars, and i was craving it that night so i asked him to get me one.

I was waiting, and i expected he'll be there shortly, within 10 minutes or so. 20 minutes later, he still didn't come yet, i almost thought something happen. So when he finally rang the door bell i went up to get it, and this is what i saw

i was super surprised, and i love SURPRISEs. i think all if not most girls would love surprises. I was happy. I use to think, why do girls want flowers, you can't eat it and you can't do anything with it, all you do it let it sit there and wait for it to die, which IS the case. But it's not until you get flowers that i understand why girls like to get them. There's something special about flowers. I'm not even sure how to describe it, i guess it's the idea of recieving them and the surprise that comes with it. I love them. NONtheless, it's OBVIOUSLY not necessary to recieve them every month. NOT THAT I DO.

He use to get me roses, and i told him...Roses are nice, but they aren't the only flowers out there. So i guess he heard me out and got something something different.

What i found cute was he actually picked it out himself. How many guys out there actaully knows flowers? hahaha. I was just thinking of him standing there picking out the flowers. I thought someonet here helped him out, but he was apparently a big boy and did it all by himself. hahahahaha. so i just wanted to say, thanks boyfriend. <3

So i thought i just share that with you guys, cos i thought it was cute, and it made me happy.

Thanks for reading. That will be all the update for now. :D


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