Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hello ~ Red Head

Hii darlings!

On tuesday, i've decided to dye my hair. i haven't been paying much attention to my hair lately, because i've been so busy with other stuff, and i've been trying to stop styling it as often, because the heat is burning my hair. It looks pretty dead right now because i dyed it and bleached it so many times this year. I don't remember if i bloged about it before, but basically in the summer, i wanted to go ash blond. YAH i know, bad decision, for doing it at home. Basically bf and i went out to get the dye products and bleaching products.

The first time i bleached it/dyed it, it didn't go blond, instead it went orange, and i mean ORANGE. it was so disgusting, i didn't even know what to do about it. i was like so sad, everytime i looked into th emirror. So then i tried to bleach it yet a second time hopping it goes to blond, but i guess i was a chicken, and i didn't want it to go like white white, so i alwaysed washed it out before it turned blond. i don't know, something about bleaching freaks me out. What if my hair falls out? hahaha. So yES, my hair disaster, the next few times, i kept dying it to make it an aceceptable colour. So i think i dyed my hair like 5-6 times this year, all in a month. It was miserable. Surprisingly, my hair didn't all fall out yet, but i can definately tell that it's damaged, because i heat my hair as well.

So ever since that, i stopped with dying hair, because i don't want to do any more damage with it, but the other day i realized that my roots were coming out, and i looked gross. Especialyl when you tie parts of your hair up, so i decided i needed to dye my hair, to make myself feel better. You know when you haven't been taking care of your physical appearance for so long that you feel so blah. Well so i decided a hair dye would make my feel better. hahaha, and i LOVE IT. I don't even know how to describe it. This must be the most successful times i have dyed my hair this year. The colour came out amazing, and i love my dark hair. I just look so ...GAHHH with light hair. Maybe if i was tanner, it would be another story.

But anywas, so i was in shoppers with hunnie, because we didn't have anything to do, and we were waiting for steven to finish class to pick him up, so i suggested going into shoppers, and that's when i just decided, okay, i'll dye my hair today. it's already looking blah, how much worse can it get.

So i decided to go red, burgendy, because it's fall, and dark colours is nice, plus since i do have light hair now, the red would turn up super good. So i picked up LOREAL

i THINK* it's this box, but the image is different, same girl though i believe. i just remember it's was number 56.

This one is much different from the pass hair dyes that i have tried. This one has a shampoo tube, instead of a conditioner tube. It also comes with a miniture tube with "maximizing colour" benefits. Basically you add this to the bottle. The content in this tube was red liquid, and it was so intense. It looked like blood, because i got some o my hand, and when i looked at it, i thought i just bled. But anywas, i think this is the product that has made my hair look so red. Never have i dyed my hair red, that i have gotten this kind of result, so i'm absolutely satified with this product. THOUGH, i can't not guarentee that this product is just more amazing then the other hair dyes, because my hair WAS lighter before i dyed it. So that may have some impact on the results. Overall, i love this hair dye, aand what it has done. If anyone is interested, try it out and tell me how it is. I would like to know if it's just that amazing, or im' just lucky. haha

THOUGH, washing it out was a pain in the toosh. It was so red, i thought i was staring in a murder scene of a movie. the red colour just kept on coming out and out and out, like it never ended. So i just gave up after i realized that it would never stop. I tried my best to get most of it out tho. I still see the pink colour water when i wash it though. It must have been that maximing colour tube, i tell you. I left the hair in for approx. 45 minutes btw. Some part of my scalp has been dyed, but not alot. I just noticed two spots the other day. It should wash out when i shower again tho. But overall, nice product. I was a little sad that it didn't have a conditioner tho. I had to use their shamppoo, which was really creamy by the way, but not as.."foamy" i like foamy shampoo. But yeah. i had to use my own conditioner. :/. Loreal should definately put a conditioner in there. I always love the conditioners that they provide in hair dyes, they are so creamy and nice. It makes my hair feel absolutely wonderful.

Anywas, here are some pictures:

a Shot of the Hair itself:

A before, just to refresh ur memory:

When i dyed my hair, it was night, so i didn't see the red in the light, but the next morning when i went to school and the sun was out and about, my hair was literally sparkling red. You could also see the red when i'm indoors, but it's not like red red, it's just the tinted red. It also looks like there is purple in it? Maybe it' just my eyes. But i'm loving it. Absolutely loving it. I went all girly the next day, even when it's a school day. What i like about it the most is that it's actually noticable. Most of the time when i dye my hair, my brothers are like. it looks the same, but this time my brother was actually looks different. hahaha. So i was happy. I got all girly the next day like i said. People started asking me if i was gonna go out on a date or something, i didn't even see bf that night. haha. Yah, so i had a succesfful dye...finally.....i don't think i'd even consider bleaching, or dying my hair a blong ever again...unless it's highlights/streaks.

Maybe i'll do that for the summer. For now, i'm embracing the dark colours. :)

Here is the final results:

without flash:

with flash:

i didn't resize, because then you guys won't be able to see how gorgeous the colour looks. It looks like i have purple, red, hair with highlights :D I also adjusted the lighting on the photos, just so you can see the colour better.

Anywas, this was meant to be a short post, but i ended up ranting. I'm actually at the school library right now, just waiting for class to start, so i decided to blog, since i don't really want to study in this short hour. I rather do though, when you guys are reading this, it's probably gonna be night, because i'm not posting it until i have time to take pictures. So ..yes. just remember that when i was writting this, it's exactly 9.57 AM NOV.12/09. hahaha. i'm werid. >.< ....WHO blogs that early?? yah well, i've having ag ood day, because it's all nice and sunny outside, a little chilly, but not windy; so i feel happpy. Nice weather makes my happy :D

A last one by yours truly:

Edit: November 14th...taking a picture of the hair was a pain in the ass. It's so much harder to get a good shot when ur hair is darker. :)


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