Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Tip on Nail Polish


So when i went to get my black nail polish ( the thin bottle : it's a fine tip by the way ) it was thickening up and it seems like it's gonna dry up? You know that happens when your nail polish has been sitting around and somehow air has gotten it's way into the bottle.

What can you do to fix it?

What you need is this:

Well, i've learned this trick a while ago, but i really dont remember where i've learned it from. Basically when your nail polish starts to thicken up, and it becomes difficult to use, what you do is just drop a few droplets of nail polish remover into the bottle, shake it up and your nail polish should come out much thiner, and nicer. The amount of nail polish remover, depends on how thin you want your nail polish. I usually apply a few drops, see how it is, and then put a few more drops, if you feel. Don't over do it, you might just ruin your nail polish. I don't think it would work if your nail polish has dried up, but definately when it has thicken up, you should try it out. I don't like it when my nail polish is thick, because it feels heavy, and it applies on as a thick layer, (plus it takes forever to dry).


Life of Temptation said...

LOL..Anh I did this before and lool.. I pouurrrred so much nail polish remover into my clear nail polish that.. the polish doesnt look was pink ahahahA:|

xbbkay said...

i have post-poned my anniversary until another time. hahaha. no time during week. i'll update on it when i get a chance!

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